“Croatian toys between tradition and modernity” exhibition opens in Ljubljana

(Photo: Wooden toys of Hrvatsko Zagorje/TZ)

ZAGREB, Feb 20 (Hina) – The Zagreb Ethnographic Museum opened an exhibition on Croatian toys between tradition and modernity at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum on Thursday, thus joining in events marking Croatia’s presidency of the EU.

By putting on display the most interesting and most valuable items from its toy collections, the Zagreb museum will try to acquaint visitors with the part of the Croatian heritage that was often neglected and marginalised and that today is a valuable part of the cultural reality.

The show puts emphasis on traditional toys, notably toys the making of which was inscribed on UNESCO’s world heritage list, such as the skill of making toys in villages of the Croatian Zagorje region, which was included on UNESCO’s world list of intangible cultural heritage in 2009.

(Photo: Wooden toys of Hrvatsko Zagorje/TZ)

The exhibition, which will also feature a number of documentaries on toy makers, is designed to present toys made in the period from the 19th century to the present day.

(Photo: Wooden toys of Hrvatsko Zagorje/TZ)

The author of the exhibition is Iris Biskupic Basic and it will be open until May 24.

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