Croatia’s Luka Zuljevic becomes world ‘kick light’ kickboxing champion

Luka Zuljevic wins gold (Photo: Hrvatski kickboxing savez)

ANTALYA, 1 December 2019 – The Croatian team has won 8 medals at the 2019 WAKO World Kickboxing Championships which ends in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday. 

Luka Zuljevic become world champion in the kick light division in the – 89 kg category when he won the gold medal. In the final, Luka beat Poland’s Piotra Wypchala 2-1. Earlier he eliminated Sweden’s Marcus Johansson and Turkey’s Cemal Al-wattar.  

Nikica Radonic won a silver medal in the full contact division, whilst Dino Belosevic won the bronze. Matej Lebo won a silver medal in the kick light division. 

There were also bronze medals in the point fighting division for Anđela Stanic and Jure Drlje, while Lucija Regvat and Patrick Rapaic won bronze in the kick light division. 

The most successful nation at the championships was Russia who won 12 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. Hungary was second and Italy third. Croatia ended in 14th.  

Source: Croatian kickboxing federation

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