Croatia develops successful robotised neurosurgery system

RONNA robot (Photo: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture)

ZAGREB, Sept 30 (Hina) – Over the past 11 years, Croatia has invested HRK 42 million in medical robotics and developed a successful robotised neurosurgery system, the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments has said.

The agency’s cooperation with the Department of Robotics and Production System Automation at the Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB) and the INETEC company has resulted in the development and clinical application of the RONNA robot and the NEO complementary project.

The projects are run by Bojan Jerbic of the FSB. His goal is that in future they should represent a single robotic solution for neurosurgical procedures.

RONNA is an autonomous two-arm robotised system which is used to assist in the navigation of neurosurgical procedures. It can also perform operations independently, relieving a surgeon who, in such cases, performs only the most delicate procedures which the robot still cannot execute.

The first neurosurgical procedure performed with RONNA dates back to March 2016. Today, the fourth generation of RONNA operates at the Dubrava University Hospital in Zagreb under the leadership of Darko Chudy.

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