Lika ready for 2nd Croatian Walking Festival on 7-8 September

(Photo: Croatian Walking Festival)

ZAGREB, Aug 18 (Hina) – The mountainous region of Lika and the towns of Gospic and Otocac are ready for the second edition of the Croatian Walking Festival which will take place there on the first weekend in September.

The tourism board of Lika-Senj County, the Lika agency and the Croatian Walking Association are organising this event that will include a few routes in the two towns.

Last year, there were about 500 participants and the organisers expect twice as many visitors this year.

Online registration for the participation in the 7-8 September event is underway.

Walking Categories:

▪30+ kilometres 2 days (Gospić Tesla 30+ and Otočac Gacka 30+)

▪20+ kilometres 2 days (Gospić Tesla 20+ and Otočac Gacka 20+)

▪30+ kilometres 1 day (Gospić Tesla 30+ or Otočac Gacka 30+)

▪20+ kilometres 1 day ( Gospić Tesla 30+ or Otočac Gacka 30+)

▪10+ kilometres 1 day (Gospić Tesla 10+ or Otočac Gacka 10+)

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