Croatia’s Gligora wins prestigious international cheese awards in the UK

(Photo: Gligora)

9 August, 2019 – Paški sir Gligora has just won the gold medal at the 120th International Cheese Awards in the UK. 

Croatian cheese producer Sirana Gligora from the island of Pag has collected two prestigious international awards in the space of the last fortnight. 

Gligora won awards at the Great Taste Awards in London and at the International Cheese Awards held in the town of Nantwich in England.

Gligora’s paški sir and Likotin cheese pressed in olive skins were awarded the maximum 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards in London. The Croatian cheese were part of only 1,63% the 12,772 judged to be awarded three stars at the awards. 

(Photo: Gligora)

At the end of July, Gligora’s paški sir won the silver medal at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich in the special cheese category for small producers.  

The Gligora team with the award-winning cheeses (Photo: Gligora)

This year, the awards attracted more than 40,000 visitors with 300 judges tasting close to 5,000 cheeses from all over the world.

Gligora’s Paški sir (Photo: Gligora)

Gligora is no strangers to awards. They have won numerous trophies at the World Cheese Awards, and in 2015 won the award in the ‘Best Central and Eastern European cheese’ category for their ‘Paški sir from Kolan’. Gligora is a small family-run business on the island of Pag which is renowned for producing world-class cheeses.

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