Jana natural mineral water from Croatia wins prestigious international gold medal

Jana natural mineral water wins gold (Photo: Jana/Journal.hr)

13 June 2019 – Jana natural non-carbonated mineral water has become the first Croatian mineral water to win a Monde Selection gold medal. 

The Jana natural mineral water picked up a gold medal at the 58th annual Monde Selection awards ceremony which were held in Rome this month. 

“Jana has won the gold medal at one of the most important awards in the world for product quality. This is more proof that impeccable cleanliness, silky taste and the ideal mineral composition of Jana are truly unique,” the brand announced on its Facebook page. 

Since 1961 Monde Selection has been evaluating, testing and awarding a large number of consumer products with its unique quality label. This year over 70 international experts tasted and tested 2,948 products from 90 different countries. It is the first time a mineral water from Croatia has won the gold award, Journal.hr reported. 

Mašenjka Katić and Maja Vukorep (Photo: Jana)

“Jana is truly an exceptional water, this is supported by the fact that coming from a depth of 800 meters, after 7,000 years, before every human pollution, it was filtered through dolomitic rocks, naturally protected on its natural path, and its first encounter with today’s world is the moment the bottle is opened. Its quality was confirmed by the jury at the international Monde Selection awards with the gold medal in the ‘Beer, water and non-carbonated drinks’ category which included 516 products,” Maja Vukorep from Jana said. 

(Photo: Jana)

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Source:Croatia Week