VIDEO: Mare & Kate humourously announce traditional Slavonian festival in Babina Greda

Mare and Kate announce this weekend’s traditional Slavonian festival in Babina Greda (Photo: Visit Babina Greda)

BABINA GREDA, 6 June 2019 – If you want to get a taste of traditional Slavonian culture and delights, then the village of Babina Greda in the Vukovar-Srijem County in eastern Croatia is the place to be this weekend. 

A three-day event “Nema sela nad Babine Grede” (basically translating to there is no village better than Babina Greda) will take place from 7 – 9 June 2019.

The festival gathers the tastiest, most musical and most beautiful traditions of Slavonia. Visitors can learn secrets of the fish (fiš) or beef (čobanac) stews, taste a selection of cheeses and kulin sausages, try traditional home-made bakery products and visit an eco-ethno-gastro fair.

(Photo: Visit Babina Greda)

Among other things, visitors can also enjoy two genuine Slavonic shows, the first one is “Konji bijelci” (“White Horses”), the oldest horse-show in the region, filled with some traditional disciplines (tail-plaiting, driving wagons, etc.). The other one is “Bećarfest”, music show presenting selection of bećarac, the UNESCO protected traditional music form of Slavonia. 

(Photo: Visit Babina Greda)

(Photo: Visit Babina Greda)


FRI, June 7th

5.00 PM – Traditional fish stew (fiš) cooking competition, grilled carp, and traditional live music (venue: PZ „Napredak“)

6.00 PM – Lecture: EU-funding and rural development (venue: „mala sala“)

SAT, June 8th

2.30 PM ‘Days of kulin, chesse & wine’ opening (PZ ‘Napredak’)

4.00 PM ‘Konji bijelci’ – two-horse carriage competition (venue: Hypodrome)

4.00 PM – Traditional beef stew (čobanac) cooking competition (PZ ‘Napredak’)

4.00 PM – Eco-ethno-gastro Fair (PZ ‘Napredak’)

8.30 PM – Gastro-competitions winner announcement, and traditional live music show

SUN, June 9th

9.00 AM – Wedding horse-carriages procession

10.00 AM – ‘Konji bijelci’ – opening and main programme (Hypodrome)

10.00 AM – Gastro-experience – Slavonic surprise breakfast (by the Hypodrome)

5.00 PM – Eco-ethno-gastro Fair (PZ ‘Napredak’)

8.30 PM –  ‘Bećarfest’ music show

Watch Mare and Kate humorously present the village of Babina Greda and festivities that will take place this weekend in the short video below (with English subtitles). 

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