MARCA poll selects the best Croatian football player of all time

Davor Šuker, Zvonimir Boban & Luka Modrić (Photo: HNS)

25 April 2019 – Leading Spanish national daily sport newspaper MARCA have conducted a poll with 350,000 of its readers to find the greatest Croatian footballer of all time. 

The online edition of MARCA has conducted polls to find the best players of all time for a number of countries, including Croatia. 

“The best footballing nations in the world have had a number of stars throughout their history, but only one is the best,” MARCA said in its introduction before presenting the results.

For Croatia there were four choices – former Real Madrid star and World Cup Golden Boot Davor Šuker, ex-captain and AC Milan legend Zvonimir Boban, Former Real Madrid and Barcelona midfielder Robert Prosinečki and current Ballon d’Or holder and FIFA Player of the Year Luka Modrić. 

Almost 350,000 votes have come in and 62% have voted for Modrić. Second is Šuker with 22% of the votes, followed by Boban (11%) and Prosinečki (5%)

Best Croatian player of all time – 350,000 votes

  1. Luka Modrić – 62%
  2. Davor Šuker – 22%
  3. Zvonimir Boban – 11%
  4. Robert Prosinečki – 5%

Luka Modrić (Photo: HNS)

Lionel Messi (65%) beat Diego Maradona (24%) in the vote for the best Argentine player of all time, whilst Pele was the Brazilian, Iniesta the best Spanish player and Franz Beckenbauer was ranked the best German. 

You can see the polls here

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