Almost 600,000 people living in Croatia born abroad

Zagreb (Photo by Viktor Juric on Unsplash)

22 April 2019 – According to the most recent census, almost 600,000 people living in Croatia were born outside the country, Vecernji list reports. 

A total of 584,947 people living in Croatia, which is 13.7% of the country, were born abroad. Most of those were born in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The latest stats revealed that 409,357 people living in Croatia were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this number represented 70% of the total number of people born abroad. 

The next most popular place was Serbia with 9% of the total born there. Germany was next (5.8%), Kosova (3.5%), Slovenia (3.4%), and Macedonia (1.7%). 

Social geographer Sanja Klempić Bogadi says that a large number of Croatian citizens born in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the result of labour migration during the socialist period and immigration during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Most of those born in Bosnia and Herzegovina reside in the capital Zagreb (98,579), followed by the Split-Dalmatian County (36,864), Zagreb County (35,427), Brod-Posavina County (29,537) and Osijek-Baranja County (28,051). 

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Source:Croatia Week