1st century AD shipwreck found off Croatia’s Molat island

Illustration (Photo: romerorc)

ZAGREB, April 14 (Hina) – A shipwreck dating back to the 1st century AD has been discovered in the sea near the island of Molat and the archaeological site is intact and preserved, Dino Taras, head of the Zadar Museum of Archaeology’s Department for Marine Archaeology, has said.

The archaeological site was discovered at the depth of 20 metres in the immediate vicinity of the island of Molat and as such is very suitable for archaeological research.

It covers an area of 75 square metres, and the ship load found consists of tegulae and imbrex, roof tiles used in ancient architecture.

After desalination, the archaeological finds will be checked for possibly more precise dating.

Zadar archaeologists have already made discoveries of ancient shipwrecks near Molat, in the area of Silba and Premuda islands.

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Source:Croatia Week