VIDEO: Ultra Europe organiser Joe Bašić extends invite to Croatian ‘diaspora for diaspora’ conference

Joe Bašić

12 April 2019 – Joe Bašić, CEO of South Eastern Europe’s biggest Marketing Company and Organizer of Ultra Europe is inviting those in the diaspora to come to Split for the Diaspora Tourism Conference on the 17th and 18th of May. 

Bašić, who is one of the guest speakers at the conference, extends out the invitation in a video below.

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The topics that will be discussed at the conference will include the opportunities that exist for diaspora as well as those that are in the making.

The Overarching Goal of the Diaspora Conference is to find ways to Integrate all Croatians as one and to forge the future of the Croatian identity both in Croatia and abroad through social, economic and political solutions. Hear the stories of successful returnees who are making a difference in Croatia. 

Some of the Panel Discussion include: 

1.  Successful stories of returnees who have invested in Croatian tourism
2. The Croatian dream
3. The past and the future of the Croatian returnees
4.  Diaspora tourism & investments
5. Health & wellness tourism
6. Croatia as a brand
7. Diaspora culture shock
8. Integration into Croatian businesses
9. Croatian tourism startups
10. Pitch session – innovative Croatian companies
11. The creation of tourism product and the cooperation among the tourist industry
12.  Development niches of diaspora tourism: culture, creativity & events

Come to Split, Watch Online, Engage in the national conversation surrounding tourism, business but most importantly the diaspora and the integral role they play in the future of Croatia. The scope of this conference is to share experiences and knowledge from diaspora to the diaspora. The solutions that we advocate for today will determine the discourse and direction for the future of our Homeland. More on the conference website here.

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