Croatia to export milk, dairy & tuna products to China

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ZAGREB, 10 April – Croatia’s Ministry of Agriculture says that an agreement was signed today which paves the way for Croatian milk, dairy, tuna and processed meat products to be exported to China.

The news was announced on the second day of the official visit to Croatia by China’s Premier Li Keqiang.  

Negotiations with China’s Supreme Customs Administration have been completed and a joint Protocol on veterinary and public health requirements for dairy products intended for export from Croatia to China has been adopted and the agreement signed on Tuesday. 

The Ministry of Agriculture stated that Croatia will export to China a variety of dairy products, including pasteurised, sterilised, modified and fermented milk, cheese and frozen cheese, cream, butter, dehydrated milk fat, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and formulated condensed milk, milk in powder, powdered whey protein powder, beef colostrum powder, casein, dairy mineral, and milk formula for infants, HRT reported.

“Although today the situation is far better than two to three years ago, because targeted programmes are helping dairy producers and the whole livestock sector, opening new markets outside the EU is an opportunity to increase value added of dairy products and stabilise and develop the whole dairy sector in Croatia”, said Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušić.

Croatian producers regularly test raw milk and 96 percent of raw milk falls into the first class category. 

Tolušić says that besides canned fishery products which are already exported, Croatian tuna, and in the future poultry meat will also be exported to China.  

Chinese companies are also interested in importing specific poultry products from Croatia and they are intensively working on approvals for individual facilities in Croatia that meet standards, the Ministry of Agriculture added. (HRT/HINA)

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