Traditional display of giant decorated Easter eggs opens in Croatian city

Pisanica od srca (Photo credit: Koprivnica and Križevci Tourist Board/Facebook)

5 April 2019 – For the 12th year in a row, the Tourist Board of Koprivnica and Križevci County in Croatia has opened its tradition outdoor exhibition of large decorated Easter eggs titled ‘Pisanica od srca’ (Easter egg from the heart).

The exhibition has been a tradition over the Easter period and this year 14 giant pisanica, which are 2.05 metres high and more than a metre wide, and 7 smaller ones painted by artists grace the main square in the northern Croatian city of Koprivnica. The exhibition is open until 15 April.

The Koprivnica and Križevci Tourist Board started the ‘Easter egg from the heart’ project with the desire that large Easter eggs were sent all over Croatia and the rest of the world as not only a recognisable symbol of everyday life and tradition of the Podravina region, but also as a sign of friendship, love and joy of Easter.

Pisanica od srca (Photo credit: Koprivnica and Križevci Tourist Board/Facebook)

 Since 2008 the ‘Pisanica od srca’ have held the status of a Croatian cultural intangible asset and the eggs have been gifted to be displayed over the years during Easter around cities in Europe. 

Besides Koprivnica, the exhibition has taken place in cities such as New York, Milan, Budapest, Brussels, Prague, Graz, Vienna, Munich and Salzburg. Pope  Pope Benedict XVI was also given an egg. 

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