98-year-old Croatian woman opens shop selling her own handmade products

Baka Peka in her ‘shop’ (Photo: John Paul II nursing home/Facebook)

2 March 2019 – A 98-year-old woman in Croatia is living proof that it is ‘never too late’ in life. 

Just two years shy of her 100th birthday, Peka Zelić (nee Rogić) from Popovići has just opened her own shop selling her handmade creations. 

Baka Peka knits bags, scarfs, blankets, socks and other items with traditional folk ethno motifs and has opened her own little store called ‘Kod Peke’ (At Pekas). 

Cutting the ribbon to officially open the shop (Photo: John Paul II nursing home/Facebook)

The shop is located at the John Paul II nursing home in the village of Donje Biljane near Zadar on the Dalmatian coast where she is a resident and is open for customers. 

Some of the products on sale (Photo: John Paul II nursing home/Facebook)

Baka Peka is still very active, has fantastic hearing and sight and continues to knit on a daily basis. 

She spent most of her life working on the land with her sheep and knitting has always been her passion, fitting it all in whilst bringing up 8 children. Her products are made exactly how they were made 100 years ago.

Baka Peka working (Photo: John Paul II nursing home/Facebook)

Baka Peka has sold her handmade products at the local Benkovac fair for a number of years, with the nursing home driving her to the fair daily whilst it is on. 

“Since we saw it was basically her life, Mrs. Peka can now sell her handmade products everyday here at the nursing home,” Jelena Kero, a social worker at the nursing home said. 

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