VIDEO: Matija the adorable baby bear doing well after being rescued from side of the road

Matija (Photo: Lovačka udraga Lipov vrh)

Zagreb, 28 February 2019 – An adorable baby bear is doing well in Zagreb Zoo after being saved from the side of the road this week. 

The baby bear, weighing just 2.4 kg, was found on the side of the ride on Tuesday on the old road between Rijeka and Zagreb near Vrbovsko in Gorski Kotar.  

Members of the Intervention Team for the Implementation of the Brown Bear Management Plan in Croatia and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zagreb urgently arrived to examine the baby bear.  found that the bear was not hurt.

Whilst the bear showed no signs of injury, it was decided that the bear would remain nearby protected from other animals and the cold in order to try to re-connect it with its mother. Unfortunately, the mother did not appear.  

As it was a very young animal who is not able to survive in nature independently, the National Commission for the Development of the Brown Bear Management Plan in Croatia decided to move the bear to the recovery unit at Zagreb Zoo. 

(Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

“The bear is in a good state. It weighs 2.4 kg and we estimate is around one and a half months old. We were very pleased that after we had served him food, he showed a healthy appetite,” Damir Skok, Zagreb Zoo director said. 

The zoo has decided to name the baby bear Matija. 

Damir Skok with Matija (Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

“Matija will be further supervised by veterinary surgeons and other experts. This is a very young animal that needs to be connected to its mother for a long while yet, so its recovery and development are currently uncertain.”

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