Croatian free-diver Boris Milošić sets new world record

Boris Milošić (Photo: Instagram)

26 February 2019 – Young Croatian pro free diver Boris Milošić has set a new world record on the weekend.  

Milošić set a new Bi-Fins diving world record at the 13th Serbian Open Freediving Championships in Belgrade with a distance of 234 metres.

“My mental strategies made it once again possible for me, to overcome a low point in motivation, physical preparation and even push my limits further than I expected in my current shape. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been a big support for me, especially my coach and sponsor,” Milošić said after the event which involves swimming underwater holding one’s breath with the use of bi-fins.

The 22-year-old from Split finished 5th at the World Freediving Championships last year. Boris is a member of the RK Split diving club. 

The record is pending AIDA confirmation. 

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Source:Croatia Week